AP Calligraphy
An elegant touch for your most important events



I am taking a hiatus during 2019. I hope to be back to meeting your calligraphy needs at a later date!


AP Calligraphy provides envelope addressing and other calligraphy services for any celebration. Whether it be a wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday, or other special event, I can give your invitations a special personalized touch. Lettering can be done in a traditional Copperplate style, a more modern, relaxed Copperplate style, or a stylized cursive. I'm happy to work on customizing how formal or informal you wish your items to be.

  • Outer Envelope (with guest address only): $2.50 each

  • Inner Envelope: $1.00 each

  • Return Address (Outer Envelope): $1.75 each

  • RSVP Envelope: $1.75 each

  • Place Cards: $1.00 each

  • Table Numbers: Rates vary by design

Prices are for black ink; colored ink, dark envelopes, or envelopes with a dark lining are extra. Customer provides the envelopes to me with 20% extra to allow for last minute additions or human error. Any unused envelopes will be returned at project completion.  A 25% deposit is required to begin each job. If a job is cancelled at a later date, the deposit will act as a cancellation fee. I accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

If you are interested in anything beyond the services listed here, please contact me to see if I can accommodate your request!




This font is the most formal I offer. It features elegant looping letters, written at an angle with dramatic thick and thin lines.



On the left you see a more casual variation of the Copperplate font (on the right). It is still elegant but less "loopy" than the formal style.


casual cursive

For a more casual event, I am happy to do a cursive style with a little extra flair.



You may want to choose a combination style. One popular option is to have the name done in calligraphy and the address in a block print.


Custom Creations

I am happy to work with you to create custom designs for your event needs such as menus or table numbers.